Escribir College follows a non-discrimination policy for admission. From students to working professionals, our admission criteria are flexible. We encourage A-Level students with minimum two subjects and HSC Candidates with minimum 45% aggregate percentage to apply. Working professionals in any field are also welcomed for our evening and weekend classes. Nationwide applications are entertained. Admissions in particular courses are also contingent upon course/board requirements. Please view the Courses Offered section.
The fee structure varies with respect to the course and the number of classes signed up for. A one-time admission fee of (xxx) will be required at the time of admission. To learn more about our fee structure for various courses and classes, please feel free to contact us at (number).
Escribir believes in merit-based enrollments and offers a range of scholarship opportunites. At the time of admission and enrollment, the following guidelines[Note: The following is a dummy/sample template. Please modify as per your scholarship policies.] apply: Grades Scholarship Offered A-Level pass with minimum 3A* or Intermediates with minimum 85% aggregate 75% scholarship on all courses A-Level pass with minimum 2A* or Intermediates with minimum 75% aggregate 50% scholarship on all courses A-Level pass with minimum 1A* or Intermediates with minimum 70% aggregate 25% scholarship on all courses
At Escribir, we are committed to producing the best results and qualified professionals, regardless of the financial standing of the individual. Our need-based assistance programs offer fee waivers and give students the flexibility to pay their fees in installments after completing their education. The following rules apply: A need-based application, in writing, is made to the Escribir Admin Office An assistance form, provided by the Admin Office, is to be filled out The office conducts the necessary investigation in to your particular case Assistance is offered on successful evaluation of the circumstances of your case Note: In the event your application is rejected, on any grounds, you are not entitled to re-apply.
Escribir owns and operates a number of vans, with fixed routes, throughout the city. Students from every city area are offered a subsidized commuting option. To learn more about our van routes and fee involved, please contact our transportation department now at (number).
Escribir has a robust extra-curricular program that includes a series of learning and recreational activities for its students. We encourage and facilitate our students to participate in all debating activities, drama and music contests, social work and community campaigns and other learning activities hosted by different organizations in the city. In addition, Escribir has recently signed a MoU with Karachi Youth Support Network (KYSN) and the School of Leadership (SoL). This provides our students with complete access to leadership and team-building conferences, professional grooming workshops, motivational seminars, job fairs, soft-skills development seminars and several other opportunities. Participation in such events and building a network goes a long way in helping you tap in to your potentials.
There is no compulsion on students to stick to one particular track in life. Similarly, Escribir does not coerce students in to studying only one course throughout their time with us. If, at any point, you wish to switch from one course to another, please advise our Admin Office. Fee transfers and accommodation will be done accordingly.
Escribir believes in educational parameters extending beyond academic performance and grades. We are committed to providing a range of learning programs that cater to the individual needs of maximizing one’s potentials and developing the skills and aptitude integral for thought-leadership. From hiring the most renowned faculty towards participating in all educational Olympiads and recommending students for industrial placements, we offer several opportunities that make us the leading educational institution in the country. Choosing Escribir is your key to a successful future.